Xvid Decoder Version 3.6 Released – Check What’s New!

Xvid Decoder is a free and powerful video tool to convert Xvid video formats to WMV, AVI(MPEG1), MPEG4, DivX, Song PSP video formats, all Xvid codec/encoders are built-in, it can adjust output video quality, adjust video aspect. The program has a simple interface, and is very easy for any users, with this free software; you can get great quality videos with a high conversion speed for all your Xvid videos.


Xvid Decoder is one FREEWARE, it can used as one free Xvid to WMV converter, Xvid to AVI converter, Xvid to MPEG4 converter and Xvid to DivX converter. Xvid Decoder can directly convert files to Sony PSP compatible MP4 (automatically adjusting width and height); you can copy this output file to PSP Video folder, and enjoy the movie or video clips anywhere as you like.

The default output video quality is as good as the source file, no skip frames during conversion. it has one nice interface, and easy settings.

Main Screen of Xvid Decoder

Main Features

  • Simple and very EASY to use;
  • All encoders/codec are built-in;
  • Support batch conversion;
  • High encoding speed and high quality;
  • Support Xvid video to WMV video format;
  • Support Xvid video to AVI (MPEG1) video format;
  • Support Xvid video to MPEG4 video format;
  • Support Xvid video to DivX video format;
  • Support Xvid video to Sony PSP compatible video format;
  • Support large video support, file size up to 2GB; (there need large disk space to save the output video)
  • Freeware, be free for personal and non-commercial use
  • Video Formats supported by Xvid Decoder



Current Version: 3.6
File Size: 4.12 MB
Release Date: August 19, 2016

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