Top Kik Messenger Tips and Tricks you might not know

The Kik Messenger app has been on the rise in the social network segment since its launch back in the year 2009. Since then, Kik has established itself as one of the most widely used social network app. The messaging app allows you to chat with your friends, families or random strangers by using your mobile data instead of normal text messages.

The app is very limited in the features it provides. To help you get the most out of the app, we would like to help you by providing you with the best tips and tricks you should know about the app.

Earn Kik Points

This app provides you with the opportunity to earn some Kik points. These can come handy on some occasions such as visiting ‘Smiley Store’ to choose from among the best customization features for the app. To earn few extra points, quickly reply back to the ‘Kik Points Bot’ message. Also, keep an eye out for the sponsored chats and activities as participating in them also makes you win few bonus points.

Kik Account Safety and Security

Some people have a lot of sensitive and private information on the Kik account. You can only login to your Kik account using the email-id you used while registration and the password you choose to protect your account and helping in login purposes. The information in your account could be anything ranging from photos to videos and documents or even conversations. To keep your account safe and secure even if your device is stolen or lost, Kik provides you with an option to logout from your Kik account using another device. The Kik login online feature make it sure that you can login to your account from one device only at the current time.

Kik Chat Bubble Color customization

Every user likes to customize their devices or apps according to what they like or prefer. The Kik messenger app allows you to customize the app interface, change the color of the chat bubbles and more. You can select the Chat Settings option under the settings bar on the app to customize the way you want your messenger and chat bubble to look like.

Share your profile to connect to other people

Unlike most other social network apps, the Kik messaging app does not require you to enter your mobile number. This leaves people in a fix as there is no way for a person to connect to you unless you share your profile with them. The easiest way to connect to other people is by sharing your profile link over your Facebook or Twitter accounts.

Final Words

The Kik messenger app might be the cheapest and the easiest way to remain connected with your friends. However, it is also very unsafe as many random strangers can contact you without knowing you. Also, a number of children currently use this app when the app requires you to be older than 17 years to use the app. Parents should keep a close eye on their young ones and check the useful guide on deactivating Kik on its website to deactivate their accounts to protect them from taking to complete strangers on the internet.

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The Benefits of Watching Movies using Mobile Apps

Smartphones and iOS devices have captured the markets with their brilliance in features that have eased people’s lives in numerous ways. Movie lovers can now get entertained sitting lousily on their couch without rushing to the theaters for the recent flicks. Numerous movie apps are available online that can be easily downloaded on your iOS devices and Androids that allow easy watching of movies, series, and shows. These apps have dilated the use of Android and iOS devices beyond mere texting and call but have brought entertainment to fingertips.


The much talked about MovieBox movie app is one of the widely used apps that runs on a user-friendly platform and has a simple interface. MovieBox movies online provide a visual treat by allowing users to watch movies shows in high definition quality. It allows the user to download movies for free and has amazing graphics design. It can also be played on television by screen mirroring option provided by ROKU. The app is the best of its kind with features of the creation of the playlist. Users can thus save the downloaded movies for later and watch in flight mode too. Owing to these movie apps there are a lot of benefits to watching movies using them. Here are some of the benefits of watching movies using movies apps.

Enjoy a Plethora of movies

The online movies apps like Crackle, Cinema Box, MovieBox, etc.; have a huge collection of movies featured on their home page. You can also make a quick search of the movies of your choice and get it downloaded in ease of minutes. You can access thousands of movies online of all different categories and genres.

Save the expense

You can save a lot of money by avoiding rushing to theaters for all your favorite movies. You can simply download the movies of your choice using the movie app. You can search for the movies and get them quickly downloaded by MovieBox movie app which will save the money spent on theaters.

Watch movies in High definition quality and other features

The online movie apps have emerged to prominence to the multiple exciting features offered. Most of these apps offer free download at reasonable high speed. These apps speed up the process and allow a user to watch the movies within a short span and thus reducing their wait time. Also, the apps provide movies and shows in high definition quality which renders a quality visual treat. The graphical designs are the other add-ons. The apps also allow filtration of movies according to their ratings and language. You can thus watch movies of any language in your preferred language and cherish its brilliance.


Watch the movies anytime and anywhere

One of the biggest advantages of the movie apps is that you can enjoy the movies of your choice at any time and at any place. The movies are easily downloaded on your Android or iOS devices and hence you watch them at your spare time with a cup of coffee, resting cozily on the couch.

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How to Monitor Water Softener Effectiveness?


The natural properties of water vary geographically which are also affected by factors like climate as well as the geology of the area. One of the main property which severely gets affected by these factors is its hardness. In simple words, the hardness of water is the amount of minerals which are dissolved in the water. The hardness in water is basically caused by the minerals called magnesium as well as calcium. But there are other minerals like silica and iron which also contribute to the hardness of water. Here our expert reviews on Best Water softener Reviews which can help you to get the best product.

There are many areas in our world which have high minerals concentration, and there are many which have very low concentration of minerals. These variations cause a hole in the pocket of the homeowners as they had to pay for maintenance of appliances as well as for water softening. Homes that receive hard water face some major problems like discoloration of sinks and toilets, a decrease in the efficiency of water heaters, decreased water pressure as well as less efficiency of soaps as well as liquid detergents.

However, one can easily go for a water softening system that will reduce a lot of your efforts as well as save your money on maintenance. Also, the life of almost all your water appliances is enhanced by using soft water instead of hard water.

For places where water has a high concentration of magnesium as well as calcium, a system that makes use of ion exchange technology will be great for removing hardness from water. In this method, the ions in the water are replaced by similarly charged ions but these new ions do not contribute to hardness.

There are salt based water softeners too which use ion exchange resin saturated with sodium ions. As the hard water coming to your house come in contact with resin, the Mg and Ca ion in water are replaced by Na ions. You also need to replace resin beads from time to time in order to maintain the effectiveness of the water softening system. It is very hard to prevent, but over time the resin needs backwash as well and that could easily be one by using sodium hydroxide or a brine solution, which will repopulate the sites lacking sodium ion again and at the same time will wash away the captures magnesium and calcium ions.

In case you do not want to indulge in all these works, you can always contact any local plumbing service which will take care of all the work for you. They will analyze all the problems and come up with solutions. Also, you can find many local services which can monitor your water softener from time to time before the maintenance problem arises and don’t forget to read this Fleck 5600SXT reviews on our expert review section.

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Xvid Decoder Version 3.6 Released – Check What’s New!

Xvid Decoder is a free and powerful video tool to convert Xvid video formats to WMV, AVI(MPEG1), MPEG4, DivX, Song PSP video formats, all Xvid codec/encoders are built-in, it can adjust output video quality, adjust video aspect. The program has a simple interface, and is very easy for any users, with this free software; you can get great quality videos with a high conversion speed for all your Xvid videos.


Xvid Decoder is one FREEWARE, it can used as one free Xvid to WMV converter, Xvid to AVI converter, Xvid to MPEG4 converter and Xvid to DivX converter. Xvid Decoder can directly convert files to Sony PSP compatible MP4 (automatically adjusting width and height); you can copy this output file to PSP Video folder, and enjoy the movie or video clips anywhere as you like.

The default output video quality is as good as the source file, no skip frames during conversion. it has one nice interface, and easy settings.

Main Screen of Xvid Decoder

Main Features

  • Simple and very EASY to use;
  • All encoders/codec are built-in;
  • Support batch conversion;
  • High encoding speed and high quality;
  • Support Xvid video to WMV video format;
  • Support Xvid video to AVI (MPEG1) video format;
  • Support Xvid video to MPEG4 video format;
  • Support Xvid video to DivX video format;
  • Support Xvid video to Sony PSP compatible video format;
  • Support large video support, file size up to 2GB; (there need large disk space to save the output video)
  • Freeware, be free for personal and non-commercial use
  • Video Formats supported by Xvid Decoder



Current Version: 3.6
File Size: 4.12 MB
Release Date: August 19, 2016

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Advantages of Watching Movies at Home

When getting back from an extremely stressful day from work or school, one of the best ways to unwind is to just turn on the television and sit back. Watching movies or television shows is a way to destress yourself from reality and its problems, like taking a break from whatever happened during the work week. It’s also a way to spend some quality time with family and friends, with movie marathons now being the norm during sleepovers or weekend nights. After all, who doesn’t love staying at home with a bunch of food delivered and a nice movie playlist on the television or laptop?


That being said, there are also a number of people who prefer to watch in the cinemas, which can actually be a bit expensive and considered as a luxury for many on a budget. That is why people stream movies and television shows to save up on money and watch at home.

Watching at home is not a shameful thing at all. In fact, almost everyone does it! There are a number of advantages one can benefit from when watching movies at home, and here are some of them:

    1. You won’t have to worry about any schedule from the cinema because you get to watch what you want and when. You also have the control of pausing, skipping, or even going backwards when playing a movie.
    2. You won’t waste gas or parking fees going to the cinemas. You save time and money that way.
    3. No need to pay extra for expensive movie tickets or food, because you’re right in the comforts of your own home.
    4. No one will bother you or judge the way you act. In fact, you can just wear your pajamas and put your feet up on the table without care.
    5. No need to stress when dealing with other people or strangers. You can invite your friends along or watch yourself without being disturbed.

When watching movies at home, sometimes it can get frustrating searching for shows you want to watch only to end up having a lot of advertisements pop up, or not being able to find it at all. With Showbox, you won’t have to worry about that anymore. A popular app where you can stream all your favorite movies and shows from the internet, you are able to find whatever you want to watch easily and have it played in no time. And it’s all for free!

Ending the work week? Why not try streaming some good shows and unwinding with good company and comedies? A movie marathon awaits, so play your favorites and begin relaxing! If you want recommendations of good movies to watch, you can take a quick search online and find the genres you’re in the mood for. You’ll be able to find what you want to watch in just a click of a button.

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